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Hope can appear bleak when daily living is a battle. The Ndyuka Land book gives a look into Black self-emancipation through bold thinking, risk-taking, and immeasurable faith. This book will help you build dominance to create your ultimate life.

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Transformation comes from an elevated mindset

We strive to aid communities in developing a deeper understanding of African historical context and the framework by which rich cultures, behaviors and mindsets are developed! This knowledge is invaluable to shifting the landscape of social justice and creating an embodiment of freedom and equality for all.

Mission Statement

Ndyuka Land creates diversified Afro-Surinamese inspired innovation and service through education, publication, retail, and art that provides a global lens into freedom, inspirational learning, and the celebration of Ndyuka culture.


To cultivate faith, endurance, resilience, intelligence, and intuitiveness. Our focus is to express the history of the self-emancipated Ndyuka throughout the world.

Ndyuka Land Creates

A freedom mindset to liberate people of color from generational bondage, while also providing solutions to communities for forward movement and racial unification.The colors and vibrancy of African roots will be explored and reimagined in this new uplifting experience. Let your spiritual journey begin!


For people of color in general, it also means rejecting individualism and materialism and returning to self-determined moral and ethical values that are fundamental to our collective future.


Ndyuka Land reveals the untold story of the runaway and self- emancipated Africans in Suriname, called the Ndyuka /ənˈdʒuːkə/. The Ndyuka people represent a unique group of Maroons in Suriname. The Maroons of Suriname are the only surviving, culturally and politically autonomous, Maroon community in the world. They are the ones who have preserved the most distinctive African culture, identity, and traditions, outside of Africa.


Ndyuka Land Film Series

Due to great interest and high demand, a Ndyuka Land Film Series is coming soon.


Ndyuka Land Resources

The Ndyuka Land brand offers a collection of literature, apparel and art for the community to enjoy.



Support the Ndyuka Land initiative and community development projects by visiting our GoFundMe campaign at [ADD QR CODE].


Empowerment Workshops

Individual and group sessions available to learn the art of self-liberation and growth strategy. Contact us for more information.

About me

I can aid you in breaking cultural barriers and achieving a winning mindset. Together we will break generational curses and create a community of empowerment.

Dr. Daniel Domini is a filmmaker, artist, historian, and respected published author. For the past two decades, Dr. Daniel Domini has been lecturing on both African and African American studies, and actively participates in African storytelling. Dr. Daniel Domini promotes the theory of Black self-emancipation by teaching the Black community how to combat injustice and level the playing field to generate increased opportunity and quality of life.

Dr. Daniel Domini represents a journey of freedom and resilience in his own right, as a world traveler, international speaker, and organizational leader. He is an accomplished educator and strategist, lending a powerful voice to the areas of cultural advancement, mental health, and spirituality. His message of freedom, mental liberation, and social justice is echoed throughout his books, teachings, and artistic creations. Furthermore, he orchestrates a beautiful thread of freedom, strength, independence, and cultural pride as he takes you through an emotional and spiritual journey in his movies, plays, publications, and apparel line. Dr. Daniel Domini’s transformative presence and experiences have gained the listening ear of many, changing lives and creating reform in each person he touches.

Wherever you keep your eyes, there’s where your solution will come from.

A Platform Where True Freedom is Created

Cultural Theme

Vision Embodiment

Ndyuka Land inspires the community by providing insight into the power of Ndyuka art, culture, innovation, and social development. We offer a rare uncovering of the veil into the self-emancipation mindset, formulated through contemporary education, workshops, and training development.
The traditional practices and faith convictions of African ancestry have helped shape modern-day doctrine and belief systems. The Ndyukas believe that it is through their faith in God that their ancestors were able to escape slavery and establish themselves as free people. Ndyuka Land reemerges the spiritual awakening of African legacy, creating within a faith that breathes freedom and speaks victory. Community members are guided through ancestral boldness and spiritual teachings to enhance faith and fortitude for uninhibited living.
One of the visions of Ndyuka Land is to promote intelligence by raising awareness of the preservation of knowledge of the Ndyuka culture and traditions. Ndyuka Land promotes the acquisition and application of knowledge through historical teaching and storytelling techniques. Through film, publication, and entertainment, cultural awareness and ethnic preservation is strengthened, unleashing youth with the aptitude to create legacy for future generations.
It is clear that the Ndyukas were mistreated in the worst form, but that did not stop them from bouncing back. Ndyuka Land believes that one can fall victim but yet recover and receive restitution. As a result, Ndyuka Land promotes the ongoing healing process of those that were victimized by creating resources that are relevant and efficient towards the healing process.

Ndyuka Land is the story of a people mistreated and tortured in the worst form, yet they abandoned fear for fight, leading them to freedom and cultural restoration. Resilience is created through providing a community voice and relevant resources for cultural healing and generational trauma recovery.
Ndyuka Land is commissioned to drive equality and justice for underserved and systematically disproportionate populations. Traditional and cultural teachings invoke determination, knowledge, and innovation, creating holistic citizens pursuant to global success, opportunity, and effective cultural exchange.
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