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Welcome to the Ndyuka Land website!

We strive to aid communities in developing a deeper understanding of African historical context and the framework by which rich cultures, behaviors and mindsets are developed! This knowledge is invaluable to shifting the landscape of social justice and creating an embodiment of freedom and equality for all.

Ndyuka Land Creates

A freedom mindset to liberate people of color from generational bondage, while also providing solutions to communities for forward movement and racial unification.

The colors and vibrancy of African roots will be explored and reimagined in this new uplifting experience. Let your spiritual journey begin!

Meet Dr. Domini

A diverse and transformative global leader, serving as a producer, artist, international pastor, community activist, counselor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, just to name a few.

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Ndyuka Land

Mental liberation and cultural freedom await's you!
In a never-ending journey of tribulation, courage, and resilience, Dr. Daniel Domini carefully guides you into the unknown oasis of Ndyuka Land. Within this cultural refuge lies the Ndyuka people, the only surviving self-emancipated Africans in South America. The Ndyuka people represent a unique group of Maroons in Suriname. The Maroons of Suriname are the only surviving, culturally and politically autonomous Maroon community in the world. They are the ones who have preserved the most distinctive African culture, identity, and tradition outside of Africa. Ndyuka Land invites you into the hearts and minds of the Ndyuka people, ushering you from slavery to salvation, entrapment to entrepreneurship, and apprehension to attainment. This literary masterpiece lifts you into a transcendence of self-actualization, empowerment, and civic enlightenment, leaving you with a message of faith, endurance,resilience, intelligence and intuitiveness that will forever change you.

Conquering the Spirit of Jezebel

Dr. Domini uncovers the demons behind the controlling spirit of Jezebel and provides tools for spiritual breakthrough and mental healing. To tap into your new season of winning,